We know that districts and schools have many options for support in designing and providing professional learning. In order to help you understand the type of service you receive from ReVision Learning, we asked our clients to provide their feedback. Here is what they said:


“Our leaders have developed both the language and the confidence needed to articulate how each indicator can and should be present in the classroom. The recursive structure and collaborative nature of the experiences within this model invited the discussion of pedagogy at a level that was much deeper than that which would have otherwise taken place.”

~ Dr. Nancy DePalma, Assistant Superintendent,
West Hartford Public Schools


“Opportunity to “push our thinking” as we develop our understanding of the rubric and specific attributes within the rubric (whether through facilitator’s questions or those of colleagues).”

“Patrick continues to work with our administrative leadership team to provide training with our new teacher evaluation model. In this capacity, he provides a road map complete with both the vision and nuts and bolts of how to get to a place we have never been as a learning organization. To this end, he is highly competent at scaffolding our learning, providing a highly engaging structure, and reinforcing strides we are making. His leadership style balances a strong, innovative and intellectual approach with the artistry of leading teachers with the heart. Patrick’s workshops provide the perfect blend of healthy perspective, new information, time for administrators to construct their thinking and reflect in a collaborative environment, and opportunities for concrete, pragmatic planning for implementation. His passion, sincerity, vision, and expertise combine for a highly successful leadership style that engages learners of all levels and positions. He is the consummate learner; as such, he is the consummate leader.”

~ Administrator,
West Hartford Public Schools


 “The feedback provided to us by the facilitator regarding our write-ups was invaluable.”


“Patrick has provided some of the most important and influential professional development and school improvement services New Haven has had in the past decade. His support has always been timely, efficient and rigorous. It is amazing how he always seems to be ready – no matter how busy he may be – to help support NHPS in their efforts.”

~ Imma Canelli, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction,
New Haven Public Schools


“I definitely became more comfortable with the rubric which really assisted me in defining what I needed to change in my observations. Once areas were clarified I got better at making decisions about how I would go about getting the evidence I needed.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick for over 15 years. Over this time, we have worked on a variety of projects including the creation of a comprehensive professional development plan for school leaders and teachers; the implementation of yearly national conferences for up to 500 school leaders; and most recently, the creation of a leadership training program for principals and teacher leaders in the United Arab Emirates.
Throughout my work with Patrick, I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the field of educational leadership. His ability to describe complex theories of leadership in ways that are immediately useful to busy practitioners is just one of his impressive skills. Participants find Patrick personable, authentic, and knowledgeable. He is able to quickly assess a situation and help participants apply the learning to their situation. Feedback from participants in his sessions routinely references his accessibility and flexibleness as key to their success. As a partner, I know I can consistently rely on Patrick to meet deadlines, respond to suggestions, and provide high-quality materials that respond to the need.”

~ Laurie Pendleton, Vice President Professional Development,
Leeds Global Partners


“The ability of the presenter to adjust to the dynamics and personalities of our group to capitalize on our strengths and support our areas of challenge.”

“Patrick has played a pivotal leadership role in providing direct services and high quality professional development opportunities to teachers
and administrators designed to promote our new district evaluation system, student achievement and to help close the achievement gap for our students. His ability to customize educational services and innovative approach to professional development has generated a partnership that effectively meets the needs of our district. Patrick’s presentation style and ability to work with a wide variety of people has helped establish professional relationships, dialogue and practice that is implemented throughout the district.”

~ Donna L. Aiello, Supervisor, Office of Staff and Organizational Development,
New Haven Public Schools


 “Hearing various strategies from other people…attempting to try different ways of collecting information from observations.”

“Over the course of three years, Patrick Flynn provided high quality services to our district that supported the professional growth of both teachers and administrators. Under his guidance and direction, staff learned how to effectively operate as a professional learning community to design and implement a school improvement model that realized unprecedented improved student outcomes. At Turkey Hill School, Patrick worked directly with grade level data teams to provide the structure, process and support necessary for them to develop instructional cycles that employed data-driven decision making focused on curriculum, instruction and assessment. Patrick also provided me, as the principal, with comprehensive executive leadership coaching which has increased my capacity to operate as an effective instructional leader. Mr. Flynn possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in area of school reform and because of his commitment to our professional growth, we have benefited greatly. Patrick is bright, charismatic, insightful and a visionary. He builds positive professional relationships while providing the highest quality educational services which result in improved teaching and learning with continuous student achievement gains.”

~ Colleen Murray, Principal, Turkey Hill School,
Orange Public Schools