Contributing Consultants

ReVision Learning has brought together some of our nation’s finest educators. Each has years of experience in providing the highest quality educational services to school districts, educators and educational organizations throughout the United States and internationally. Our contributing consultants routinely speak with groups about the development of transformational leadership practice in support of change for a new century of educational practice.


Patrick Flynn headshotPatrick W. Flynn, Founder and Executive Director of ReVision Learning Partnership

In his 22 years of educational service, Patrick Flynn has been a teacher, teacher leader, curriculum director and executive program director in K-12 settings in over ten different states. As the Executive Director of High Schools for Edison Schools and the Chief Academic Officer for Great Schools Workshop in Sacramento, CA, Patrick worked with building and district administrations in nine states to implement systemic high school reform. Patrick founded and currently leads ReVision Learning Partnership, LLC, providing professional development and support to districts and educational organizations in CT, NY, NJ, and LA and has consulted on school improvement initiatives internationally in the United Arab Emirates with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. As the Executive Director of ReVision Learning Partnership, Patrick and his team have provided school improvement services in over 40 CT districts. ReVision Learning is highly sought out for its leadership in providing the highest quality professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators and district personnel. He worked with New Haven Public Schools on the implementation of its nationally recognized Teacher Evaluation system, being the first organization to provide peer validation services in alignment with educator evaluation requirements. Patrick also works extensively with school districts in the formation of frameworks for teaching and learning and provides on-going support to administrators in supervision and evaluation techniques through one-one coaching and system wide professional development. Additionally, he works with district superintendents and Boards of Education to establish powerful visions for practice, design actions plans to support realization of those visions and build quality professional learning programs to implement strategic initiatives. He has also served as Executive Director for the Connecticut Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (CTASCD). Patrick is a proud husband of 19 years and lives in Colchester, CT with his wife Shelly and their son Galen.


Amy Tepper, Senior Contributing Consultant for ReVision Learning Partnership

With 22 years in education, Amy Tepper has served as a teacher, administrator, program director and developer in various settings and startups to include virtual, homeschool, blended, and public schools. She served as Assistant Principal for a 6th-12th alternative program, and was highly involved in Florida high school redesign and career education reform, providing technical assistance across the state. She held the position of Executive Director of an area Sylvan Learning Center and implemented a multi-year partnership for 3rd-12th grade remediation with the local school district. In addition, Amy developed and served as Director of a blended homeschool program focused on global citizenship and 21st century skills. As a consultant, she has provided instructional and administrative coaching at an international school in the country of Panama, written 6th-12th online curriculum aligned to the Common Core and is currently providing professional development in the areas of teacher evaluation and instructional practices across Connecticut. Since 2013, she has served as a peer validator for ReVision Learning evaluating practices in a total of nearly 200 classrooms in Newark schools. Through her varied experience coupled with a master’s specialization in K-12th reading, Amy possesses skills in the areas of literacy along with evaluation, coaching, project implementation, and school redesign. Though Amy has resided in Florida for 20 years, she is a native of Connecticut.



Matthew S. Wlodarczyk, Ph. D., Contributing Consultant for ReVision Learning Partnership

As an educator for approximately 18 years, Dr. Matthew S. Wlodarczyk began his career as a science teacher, where he consistently built partnerships to create authentic science experiences for all students under his care. His leadership experiences are PK-12 in nature, serving as a science curriculum specialist, an elementary principal, district supervisor of science, high school assistant principal, and Director of Teaching and Learning. His philosophy is centered on continuous improvement through learning. He has garnered extensive experience in curriculum, instruction, assessment, strategic planning, team formation and their capacity building. He has used his skills to develop teams of teachers and administrators to recognize the strength in collaboration and the power of human and social capital, while organizing systems to coach and support the learning of team-members. Leveraging the power of personalized teaching and learning, Matt established and implemented a 3-year strategic plan to support instructional changes, professional learning, and the community communications necessary to move his last district to standards-based grading. Dr. Wlodarczyk received his Master’s in Science Education and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (Cognition & Instruction) from UCONN, with an emphasis in technology, statistical data analysis, and adult learning. His dissertation was entitled, “Perceptions of Video Games in Education by PK-12 School Administrators in Connecticut.” Matt is the proud father of three children, loves to create in the kitchen, and has recently discovered the benefits of yoga.


karrie-picKarrie Sadler, Contributing Consultant for ReVision Learning Partnership

As a consultant, Karrie has provided professional development opportunities for hundreds of Pre-K-12 grade teachers across the country and in Europe. Before becoming a consultant, she spent 20 years as a classroom teacher in New York City and various districts in Connecticut and was named Teacher of the Year in Westport, CT in 2012. She has an extensive background in inclusive practices, differentiation, balanced literacy, curriculum design, effective classroom management, social and emotional learning, student engagement, and student centered instruction and has presented at national and state conferences on topics such as co-teaching and inclusion and effective literacy instruction.

Karrie possesses a broad knowledge of various literacy assessment tools and methods of data collection. She has a background in RTI, particularly in designing and implementing a school literacy intervention program, and in supporting teachers with intervention strategies for servicing learners in the three tiers of RTI. In addition, for the past 11 years, she has trained teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and school psychologists across the country in Responsive Classroom principles and practices.

More recently, she has extended her work to include training administrators and instructional coaches on observational methods and effective feedback and has evaluated and provided written and verbal feedback to over 100 teachers in Newark since 2013. She has worked specifically with instructional coaches to build their observational skills and to grow and apply their knowledge of their individual district evaluation tool in order to produce high quality feedback and strategies to support teacher growth.

Karrie has earned a Sixth Year degree as a Remedial Reading and Language Arts Consultant and is also certified as a Level I and II Responsive Classroom Consulting Teacher. Karrie enjoys sports and time with friends and family.


Bonnie Pachesa 200x200Bonnie Myers Pachesa, Contributing Consultant for ReVision Learning Partnership

Bonnie Myers Pachesa served as a teacher, staff developer, assistant principal and principal in the New Haven Public Schools. During her 38 year tenure, she brought her school to prominence as one of the first CT Commission on the Arts HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Schools and one of New Haven’s first successful magnet schools. Designated as a Tier 1 school by the district, Bonnie’s school maintained consistently high test scores and an exemplary school climate. Bonnie was an active participant in the New Haven Public Schools’ School Change Initiative. As a member of the Principal’s Evaluation Committee, she worked with other administrators and union officials to develop a new evaluation system. The New Haven Public Schools’ evaluation systems for teachers, principals and central office administrators have received national recognition. Bonnie also served on the district’s School Reform Committee to examine, implement and review the district’s vision, beliefs and values. Additionally, she worked with the committee to create a plan to monitor “turnaround” schools and provide constructive feedback. Bonnie has coached aspiring and new administrators as a member of the district’s High Potential Leaders Program and, since retirement in June 2012, she has worked as a Leadership Coach for the CT Center for School Change and the CT Association Of Schools. As an Independent Contractor with ReVision Learning, Bonnie provided professional development for school administrators in the form of Collegial Calibrations and served as a peer evaluator in Newark, NJ. Bonnie is married, has two amazing children and lives in New Haven, CT.



Gina Wells, Contributing Consultant for ReVision Learning Partnership

Gina Wells was an educator in the New Haven School System, retiring June, 2012. Gina began her career as a first and second grade teacher, moved on to become a staff developer and reading consultant and for the last 16 years served as a principal of a very successful dual language magnet school. She began the first dual language program in New Haven, after spending a year in study. The school received high recognition with the state and Gina presented at the NABE conference, ASCD and the MSA annual meetings. Her elementary school was honored, receiving a nomination for a Blue Ribbon award; she was instrumental in writing the magnet school grant and the HOTS grant, both awarded during her tenure. In 2007, she became the National Distinguished Principal for the state of Connecticut. She served as a member of the survey committee, choosing the instrument widely used in the city and instrumental in the city’s reform movement. Gina developed her own data system, which became a model for the Board of Ed. She spoke at city-wide meetings on Closing the Achievement Gap and How to Involve Grandparents in Children’s Education. Upon retirement, Gina Wells has worked for CREC delivering both teacher and administrator workshops on the new state evaluation system, after becoming a certified state evaluator. She also worked for ReVision and Learning, calibrating teachers in Newark, New Jersey. During the 2013-2014 school year, Gina Wells continued working for ReVision in a pilot program in Naugatuck, CT with the school system’s administrators, on collegial calibrations. She also worked as a complimentary evaluator in Hamden, Connecticut, observing teachers with the school principal.