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Educator Evaluation & Professional Learning


Collegial Calibrations™

CC Brochure

A standards-based professional learning model that:

  • develops evidence-based observation skills,
  • provides coaching and feedback (on feedback) for evaluators,
  • targets evaluator development through job-embedded, collaborative dialogue, and
  • cultivates evaluator capacity as opposed to testing it


Peer Validation

Embedded observation and analysis of teaching practice across a district to provide data used to:

  • Validate performance levels of teachers within the system
  • Support analysis of evaluator observation and review of teaching practice,
  • Support validation of teaching and learning rubrics


Complementary Observation

Observation and analysis of teaching practice provided by highly experienced observers for select caseloads of teachers to:

  • Supplement administrator/evaluator workloads,
  • Provide external analysis of teaching and learning to support professional learning objectives,
  • Support validation of teaching and learning rubrics


District Data Review

Support for district leadership, human resource departments, and evaluation and professional development committees:

  • In understanding the professional learning needs and necessary changes to program implementation
  • To validate teaching and learning rubrics


Evidence-Based Observation Workshops

Support evaluator capacity in:

  • Employing teaching and learning rubrics
  • Observing and identifying instructional practice in alignment with teaching and learning rubrics

Workshops also provide data to support a district’s understanding of:

  • Evaluator proficiency across a district