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Doing it right means so much more than getting it right. This is a lesson we have learned working with evaluators across the country, especially within the context of teacher evaluation.  Compliance with policy does not necessarily yield results.

At ReVision Learning we know the challenges of observing teachers, collecting evidence, and analyzing our notes against attributes and frameworks. We realize then taking all of this information and translating into evidence based feedback statement is a highly challenging endeavor.

West Hartford and Canton Public Schools understood this challenge as they introduced and trained the instructional leaders in their districts. This session will explore some of the lessons they have learned.  Each district concentrated on the implementation of a professional learning design to ensure observation practice in their district’s classrooms were focused on what was most important – understanding whether or not students were learning.

Below are some of the handouts we will use during the session.  Addtionally, we will commonly add materials and resources during and after the session to continue to provide you with the best possible learning opportunity.  In that vein, feel free to let us know if you would like us to add something that you believe may also help advance everyone’s learning.

Handouts and Resources

CCT – 2014

RVL Supervisory Continuum Overview

Classroom Artifacts Review Worksheet

Completed Classroom Artifacts Review_Final

Artifacts – Full Examples

District Instructional Leadership Professional Learning Design


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