The ReVision Learning ReFLECT™ system is a Formative Learning Educator Capacity Tool designed to support professional learning through feedback. The tool provides schools and districts with a structure to support professional learning for its staff that:

  • integrates review and analysis of everyday practice,
  • provides targeted feedback to professionals about that practice, and
  • supports goal setting and independent professional learning of educators.

The system is currently used with the ReVision Learning Collegial Calibrations™ evaluator development model to support administrators and evaluators in learning the key skills associated with evidence-based observation and quality teacher feedback. The system nurtures feedback for growth within a district’s educator evaluation model to ensure that evaluators are provided resources and feedback on their practice and become effective teachers of teachers.

ReVision Learning works with subgroups of administrators & evaluators to collectively review practice and debrief interpretations of the district’s Instructional Framework. Debriefs focus on continued calibration to the behaviors associated with the Instructional Framework as well as development of administrator & evaluator proficiency at evidence collection and reviews of practice. Each round includes a formal review of evidence collection against the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum using the ReFLECT™ system to support on-going professional learning and development.

A district can select to have these calibration rounds reviewed by one of ReVision Learning’s expert facilitators or can establish a train the trainer approach to support internal capacity-building. Regardless of approach, the focus of professional learning is on providing rich qualitative and quantitative feedback to nurture professional growth.

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